Schools visited during lockdown

NDOC education Chairman Christopher Sakiri
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A total of 24 out of 38 schools have been visited and monitored by the National Disaster Operations Committee (NDOC) Education during the 36 hour trail lock-down inside Honiara Emergency zones.

NDOC education chairman Christopher Sakiri told reporters during the 36-hour lock-down NDOC education was activated and operational.

“During the lockdown we managed to visit 24 schools out of the 38 schools but from initial information about rock-throwing we managed to visit 24 schools to check if the schools were locked and have securities looking after them,” Sakiri said.

He said they found that not all schools were locked and have securities.

Sakiri said they engaged 16 staff during the lockdown.

“Some of them manned the office while others remotely communicate directly to the Emergency Operation Center at the Ministry of Education,” he said.

He added they were tasked to support the two boarding schools that are inside the Honiara Emergency Zones – King George Sixth School and Betikama Adventist College.

“We were also tasked to ensure that learning continues to happen for all schools within the SOPE,” he said.

Sakiri stressed they’ve talked to and advised school leaders to ensure that all students are given home work for Monday or if not from Saturday and Sunday and Monday.

He adds for King George and Betikama College, they have their own SOP activated during the 36 hour lock-down – meaning only teachers responsible should be moving around.