Schools receive certificates for donating blood


Vura Community High School receiving their certificate of award for donating blood.

SCHOOLS in Honiara yesterday received certificates of award for free donation of blood to the Red Cross.

Speaking during the presentation, the MC for the event said that Red Cross is very happy to award the schools with the certificates.

She said that the award is to show their appreciation to the schools for the good heart they have for free donating of blood to the National Referral Hospital.

“It’s a good feeling because the students want to help. Every drop helps.”

Thanking the schools for their donation of blood, she urges and appeals to all good citizens of this country to spare time to donate blood.

She said that everyday there is a great demand for blood in our nation’s hospitals and as well shortage of blood.

Highlighting the importance for donating bloods, Alfred Dofai, Director-Medical Med Lab NRH (MHMS) added that the current short supply is a primary reason to donate blood, but the need is always present.

He said that the reason for the call to donate blood is simply that they feel it is the right thing to do. After all, about one of every seven people who go to a hospital end up needing donated blood as part of their treatment.

Also, there is no such thing as synthetic blood. In other words, it can’t be manufactured so donations are the only way to keep the supply stocked.

He adds that donated blood is used for a wide range of circumstances that can potentially affect anyone, which is also a main reason people donate. Patients undergoing treatment for injuries suffered during an accident often rely on donated blood to save their lives.

Dofai also said that by donating free blood to the Red Cross Volunteers, ‘we are bridging ourselves with the sick’.

Vura Community High School receiving their certificate of award for donating blood.

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