School fee survey release delayed

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THE release of the school fee survey by the Ministry of Education will be delayed due to policy and legal implications.

This was confirmed by James Bosamata, deputy secretary to the Ministry of Education, Human Resources Development.

“We were not able to release the outcome of the survey because after we find out the results of the survey. We have some policy and legal implications in relationship to school fee issue.

“Because of those policy and legal implications, we have to satisfy the whole process,” said Bosamata.

He said for instance, on Tuesday last week this subject was deliberated on by the national education board. This is one clear example.

“It not a straight forward thing that we will come out with it straight away but there are policies and legal implications. Therefore, we have to go through the whole process and when the time to announce it comes it will be appeared accurately.

“We will continue to ask for your patience until we complete this process,” said Bosamata.

He adds that form six enrolment and internal assessment programmes are due on March 31.

“Please submit it to NEAD division at Ministry of Education.

“For schools that have forms four and five, the School Base Assessment that is SBA in short as of this year you will use new handbooks.

He said schools with forms four and five are urged not to administer any SBA assessment or project until new handbooks arereceived next month.

“Only for Home economic subject can start their project because it remains the same.”