School contribution hike affects parents

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THE current increasing of school contributions is affecting most parents in rural areas.

A concerned parent Luke Devi said, “During our times our parents paid school fees which is much cheaper that the current school contributions that currently introduce at the moment.

“To us those that lived in rural areas where we depended on gardens for consumption have finding it hard for our children that attended high schools this year.

“Compared to last year it’s much cheaper for us to do installment payment with smaller amounts towards the school contributions.

“I understand that those that are employed and have jobs also have difficulties in finance while compared to us unemployed people living in rural areas where we depend on what we have from our gardens.

“Sometimes our children with smart brains leave school unnecessary because we fail to support them especially in school fees.

“We call on the responsible authority to address this issue and to make it fair to all of us and also to develop our children in our rural areas in better, quality education.”