Call to introduce more ECE schools



CONCERNED parents of Malaita province are calling on the government to consider introducing more early childhood education (ECE) schools across the country.

They stress the importance of ECE in the development of the minds of children as they grow up, adding that early nurturing will allow children to perform better in later stages of education.

“The early stage is the most important stage that our children must involve and go through ECE education.

“To bring our children into better education the government should improve our ECE schools throughout the country, the concern parents stated.”

This call was also made during registrations last week in Auki and around Malaita province, where it was found out that the existing number of ECE institutions is not enough for the growing population of Malaita.

“As the nursery of education in the country we also want to have better and qualified ECE teachers to take up responsibilities in our ECE schools.”

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