Say no to rape culture

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DEAR EDITOR, today rape case in the Solomon Island is one of the immense problems. As a Law student, my concern is to stop such cruel and disrespectful act.

Today, increasing number of girls under the age of 11 became victim of rape in Makira and Isabel province.

It’s a shame, rape culture had breath through our daily lives.

The problem is everywhere and yet we rationalise it.

To forgive is an action but it is wrong when leaving behind the survivors when they are the one who matters the most.

People think rape is always about desire for sex, but the truth is rape is not born of sexual desires, it is a desire to degrade and humiliate another person.

The assailant wanted to take all power away from the victim.

In life we may not have control over things done but the only thing we are in control of is our body.

It is sad that victims of rape had loses control of something that is very personal to them, which is their body.

Once these rights have been deprive, you feel like nothing is left of you.

Victim may leave up with hurt feelings and fear for the rest of their lives.

We must stop such act of violence by educating our children in homes and Schools about sexual consent, what it means, how it works, how to get consent, what to do when a potential sexual partner refuses to give (or retracts) their consent and as well as what the criminal law of our country had define this offence of rape. Nurturing them will help to stop rape culture.

Secondly Legislature should create laws to empower the survivors, not concerning the rapist only.

For instance policies in school or work place to prevent rape culture because survivors of rape don’t feel comfortable to speak out after being sexually assaulted, fearing repercussion of losing jobs, force to leave school or socially isolated.

Therefore creating of good environment where these survivors feel safe in speaking out and calling out their attackers and in which the repercussion for potential rapist to be emphasise instead.

Moreover there should be proper awareness talk about the criminal law concerning rape in the rural areas.

Law should be delivered in simple language or the mother tongue as some people may not know how to read, write or even speak both English and pijin.

By doing so law will be understood and people will say no to rape culture.

Finally Government should financially supported such organisation like “Save the children” in fighting against rape culture and other social problems our country had face by extending awareness programme of rape through media like radio, television channels and outreach program to our provinces.

This will put an end to rape culture.

Well I would call on all good citizen of Solomon Island that it is not too late to make straight the path, It is time to pick up ourselves from the dust and work together with great support in putting an end to rape culture.

Relmah Ha’ananga

Central Honiara