Malaita police officers 1-week training with PRT



THE Royal Solomon Islands police force (RSIPF) in Malaita are undergoing a gruelling one-week training under the country’s elite unit, the Police Response Team (PRT), in Auki.

PRT instructors from Honiara are in Auki, and immediately began the drills after the PRT facility in the Auki police station was opened on Sunday, April 22.

The training aims to strengthen the officers’ response capacity on any issue that may arise.

Police officers from Atori, Malu’u and Auki are participants.

Auki police officers during their training session on Wednesday.

The PRT instructors will be in Auki for the rest of this week for the training.

A demonstration exercise will be conducted at 9am tomorrow and is open for public and government officials to witness.

The venue for the demonstration exercise will be confirmed later.

A similar exercise was also carried out last year at the Aligegeo football pitch which was witnessed by the Premier of Malaita Province, Peter Ramohia.

Standing in an impenetrable front facing disturbance. Officers trained on formation.

The PRT is the ‘right hand’ unit of the RSIPF against anarchic activities such as riots, heavy crowd resistance to police presence and general disturbances.

Training requirements to enter this elite unit is well-known for being ‘tough and stringent’ which tests for superb physical and mental fitness and outstanding aptitude levels.

The PRT facility was recently opened on Sunday April 22 by a high-level delegation which included the Minister of justice and legal affairs, Australia’s High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, the deputy commissioner of the Australian Police Force, Malaita province deputy premier, RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley, and commander of the SI police development programme.

PPC of Malaita province Timothy Apaesi witnessing the training sessions on Wednesday.
Police officers listening to instructions from the PRT instructors.
Police officers holding up their Batons during their training.

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