Province’s revenue collection now improving


Guadalcanal Premier Francis Sade says since he came into power in 2019, a lot of challenges, mainly with finances, confronted his province.

Speaking at the graduation and prize giving ceremony of Marara Community High School on December 15, Sade said when he assumed leader, the province was already in debt of $37 million.

“So we came in and inherited $37 million in debt, an administration that is not functioning and a financial system that does not work,” the premier said.

“It does not tell how much money we spend and where. Our revenue was the lowest of all the provinces in Solomon Islands,” he added.

“We only manage to collect $4 million in our first year,

“But I would like to assure you since we came in, we put in reforms that resulted in strong financial management system.

“We have improved our revenue collection from $4 million to $12 million in nine months and we hit $20 million in 2022.

“We have retired 24 old workers and we took in fresh people to manage the administration of the province.

“I would like to assure you my good people of Guadalcanal, Tandai, my good parents, we are working very hard, we are sacrificing all that we can to make sure that Guadalcanal Province delivers the services it needs to deliver to you especially in education, health and economic development.

“We will continue and strive to improve and I am sure that before we leave office we will put in place a system that will guide the next government to lead us forward.

“We are aiming to raise a revenue of more than $100 million in one year and that is possible.

“So far we have reviewed our property rates and ordinance so we can raise up to $100 million on property rates.

“Whether you are a Fixed Term Estate (FTE) holder or lease, property rates are payable to the Guadalcanal Province at the end of every year.”

Sade said the province, up to this year, has emerged from the many challenges and financial woes.

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