RSIPF questioned

Search for missing man continues with no help from police


SEARCH for the missing person at Mataniko River is continuing with support from Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and volunteers from the Tuvaruhu community.

The missing person, Chris Nemaia is a staff of the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and had been reported missing since Thursday last week. Chris and his colleagues were on a work trip when they tragically met their fate.

On Sunday Island Sun visited the site where the group convened for the search party and noted that the local police were not part of the search party.

It had been three-days of intense searching since the staff from SIVB went missing during their trekking expedition.

Currently, the search operation is only coordinated by SIVB in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) with support from numerous volunteers of the Tuvaruhu community.

Since the search was conducted, there had been not much involvement or support from the local police which is a huge disappointment for the parties involved in the search.

Immediate family of the missing person and teams from SIVB and MCT throughout the weekend were camped at the church hall of Tuvaruhu Anglican Church while search operation is being carried out by villagers of Mataniko and volunteers from families in Tuvaruhu.

From random interviews with staffs, families of the missing person and community members in Tuvaruhu by Island Sun, it was found that police had not assisted the parties in their search operation, contrary to what was announced in their press statement last week.

Immediate family members and community members of Tuvarahu are bewildered and question why police has not provided assistance though they had sent a statement in the media saying they are conducting a search party for the missing person.

Despite lack of support from RSIPF, SIVB and MCT will continue with their support for the family.

As the search continues, the Anglican church of Tuvaruhu pledged their support for the family and search group for as long as they wish and called on people in the community to assist in whatever way they can.

Immediate family of the missing person are appreciative of the support drawn from SIVB, MCT, Tuvaruhu Anglican Church and community for conducting the search operation.

Island Sun understands SIVB and MCT will have dialogue with Solomon Islands Police Force today regarding the situation.

Police meanwhile has refuted these claims, telling Island Sun that RSIPF has deployed more than 50 officers into the search operation, which includes the maritime division and members of several units and stations around Honiara.

Police is expected to release a statement soon regarding the matter.

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