Keku enthroned as Tandai paramount chief

The new Paramount Chief Charles Nunu is presented with shell money.
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Tandai paramount chief Charles Chilivi commonly known as Keku was enthroned on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

In his maiden speech to the hundreds gathered before him, Mr Chilivi announced that Tandai ward is ‘ready to move’.

He said, “Today, representing the five clans of Tandai, we are taking a new course of journey – a journey that will take us into the future.

The new Paramount Chief Charles Chilivi is presented with shell money.

“Your navigator in this journey is ready to lead.

“It is a milestone, and as the new paramount chief, I’m proud and humbled but honoured to have had the confidence of the chiefs representing the five clans of Tandai who have generously voted me into this office of paramount chief.

“I promise to do my best to serve as outlined by the official duties of the post and be a mouth piece for our people in airing our views and staking our claims to right of the way within our traditional habitat or otherwise to foster justifiable compensation claims for the loss of those rights.

The new paramount chief receiving his certificate.

“Once we have been spectators looking in from the sideline. We have been forced to the fringes of the national capital, Honiara but further, to add insult to injury, we have been diluted as a people and are fast losing our status and dignity.

“Successive generations of this assault are taking their toll on the loss of land, culture and pride of identity for our people.

“By our people, I‘m specifically referring to the people of Tandai; those claiming the land mass between Tamboko and Betikama as their traditional home. The people with the dialects Di, Nginia and Qaria as their mother tongue.”

In assurance, Chilivi however said everything is not yet lost. He said that they are now experiencing a rude awakening which he termed as ‘a wake-up call’.

Paramount chief Charles Chilivi being adorned with shell money.

He further addressed to his people (Tandai ward) that it is now their duty to arrest the decline and re-establish themselves with dignity and pride of position.

“The establishment of the Tandai house of chief is our rescue vehicle. We are now to re-group and to re-discover ourselves. The house of chiefs comprises chiefs of the five main clans occupying land within the confine of Tandai. These are The Gaubata Clan, the Laukili Clan, the Kakau Clan, the Kidipale Clan and the Simbo Clan.

The new paramount chief, ready to receive a gift.

“Together we have forged relationships, together we have forged family units and together we have been sharing and cohabitating in this land from time immemorial. This is our chance to consolidate and to assert our right of position. The House of Chiefs will make available these endeavours.”

He urges all members of the five clans and tribes represented to work together to seek full benefits and productive outcomes from the workings of the House of Chiefs.

He also appeals to all members of the five clans to ‘come on board the rescue vehicle’ and ensure that it sails them in ‘safety and security’ for them in the present and for future generations.

Chupu to be presented to all tribes of Tandai.