RSIPF brushes aside allegations of Commissioner ‘not happy with executive’  


ROYAL Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has rebuffed allegations that Police Commissioner Mathew Varley is ‘not happy’ with his Executive.

This response follows media queries over allegations sourced from insiders, who say that Commissioner Varley is ‘not happy with his executive for withholding vital information of elements in various issues that have been served to him on a platter when he assumed the role of Commissioner of Police’.

Insiders alleged a disappointed Mr Varley has also mentioned his intention to ‘not renew his contract once his term lapses’.

Speaking on terms of anonymity, a senior officer says he doesn’t blame Varley’s frustrations because he is not being told the whole set of facts regarding issues of interest to the Commissioner’s Office.

“When he is briefed, Commissioner Varley will only be told part of the issue, with important elements being withheld whether deliberately or not. And this is not going down well with the commissioner, because he then tends to hear additional info from somewhere else,” Island Sun source says.

However, the media unit of the RSIPF has issued a strong response, saying that the allegations are false.

“Allegation that Commissioner Varley is angry with the Royal Solomon Island Police Force Executive is not true,” said RSIPF Media Unit.

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