Breakthrough for tourism in Makira



A Memorandum of Agreement is in the pipeline for landowners of Star Harbour and tourism investors in Australia towards the integration of a resort in Nafinua Island.

This is welcomed news for tourism in Makira-Ulawa province because when penned, will open the way for more development to the industry.

Owner of Star Beach Resort, Mr Alfred Murray told this paper yesterday that the agreement will be signed on the 24th of this month at Nafinua Island.

He said the investor is expected in the country the day before signing.

He said under the agreement there will be signing of a 25-year lease of the island to four Australian tourism investors who will develop the island.

Murray said all ground work have been carried out and that landowners are anticipating the signing with fervour.

He explained there is a part in the agreement which calls for stakeholders to meet every five years to revisit the 25-year lease.

He said tourism activity in the country is only known for certain provinces, however, the proposed agreement is a milestone as it will pave way for development of the industry in Makira.

“We want it and we can allow our resources for the operation of the industry in Makira province,” Murray said.

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