RSIPF apologises to Airline over media condemnation


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley yesterday apologised to the national carrier Solomon Airlines following media condemnation by a disgruntled police officer.

Earlier this week, a police officer made media condemnation of the airline following the refusal of a flight attendant to release a flight list to police, insisting that police follow procedure and write an official letter of request before the list be released.

The officer had alleged that a suspect had evaded police arrest because of this.

However, Commissioner Varley yesterday rebuked the action of his officer, saying that the airline employee had been right in insisting on police following procedure.

He explained that Airline was right not to provide the passenger list to police in the absence of a proper and official report from the police force.

“The point I want to make is as a professional organisation the RSIPF is not in any business of publicly condemning business or communities groups out of frustrations.

“We work very hard with the community, business and other organizations such as Solomon Airlines to have very good cooperation and partnership and indeed we have good relationship with Solomon Airlines.

“I instructed my PPC at Guadalcanal to enquire into the matter further and on behalf of the RSIPF I want to apologize to Solomon Airlines for any offense might have been taken as a result of the media report,” he said.

Police Commissioner said the allegations made by the officer were uncorroborated and unhelpful.

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