Women council calls for immediate implementation of FPA

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SOLOMON Islands National Council of Women (NCW) has called on responsible ministries to implement the Family Protection Act immediately.

The National Women Body made call following the report of another brutal killing of a young female last week.

President of NCW Ms Ella Kauhue said the growing discrimination and violent against women and girls require immediate enforcement of the Family Protection Act.

She said domestic violence is not a women issue but a national issue and that the national government through responsible ministries must take active action is mitigating the increasing violence against women and girls.

“From our point of view, violence against women and girls is now a national issues. We have lost many women and girls in the hands of men in recent years and this indicates strong and active measure must take place immediately.

“We believe that implementation of the Family Protection Act is one way forward to address this issue and responsible ministries must start implementing the Act now.

“We must not wait as lots of lives have been taken away by barbaric acts of men,” Ms Kauhue said.

She explained that NCW has limited mandatory power and the only action the organisation can do is to voice women’s issues.

Kauhue said the increasing report of violence against have reached beyond what NCW can do and that requires government ministries to rise up and step on the issues head-on.

She also calls on non-government organisation groups and civil society group who have the resources to rally support together and facilitate initiatives that would address the issue.

Kauhue continues to say that it is time for church leaders, chiefs, church groups, youth groups and women groups to rise up against domestic violence and violence against women and girls.

“Human life is very valuable and together we can address this issue,” she said.