Rove correctional centre is over crowded

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DEAR EDITOR, the Rove Central Correctional Centre was overcrowded with a huge number of prisoners.

The USP Solomon Islands students undertaking DG102 course visited Rove Prison Services on the 5th of September noted that the prison is overcrowded with a total of 367 prisoners, 11 of them are female prisoners and 8 were juveniles.

Out of the 367 prisoners, 189 of them are remanded prisoners and 178 were convict prisoners.

This means that the populated prisoners are those who are remanded and waiting for nearly 2 – 3 years for the responsible person to stand on their behalf to the court.

However, there’s no one available for them to hear their voice in the court and these contributes to the overcrowding of the prison.

Whose responsibility to work with the remanded prisoners?

Aren’t you!

They are waiting two to three years remanded and who are in charge for these people, do we have to blame the prisoners or the people who will stand with them on their behalf or the public.

Finally, it so sad to see that there are a growing number of juveniles and females in the prison, which picture out that there must be something wrong in the society that we need to act urgently.

I call on you church leaders, chiefs, elders, parents and youths; let us work hand in hand alongside the RSIPF to implement crime prevention training in our societies, for our good and the nation as well.


Jeredy Boe

USP, Solomon Islands

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