Why is empathy, compassion and responsibility so lacking here?

DEAR EDITOR, in the two decades I have written about events and issues in the Solomon Islands, including the many posts I have included in my website-www.solomonislandsinfocus.com

I cannot help but reflect that I have been struck, and often dismayed, by the reported conditions of rural health clinics and lack of health services to many thousands of rural people.

A case in point being the most recent report concerning the unfinished state of the health clinic at Luaniua Village on Lord Howe atoll where it has been claimed 3000 people have gone without health care for up to two years.

There have been many, many similar reports over several years and in practically all incidences it has taken a ‘whistle-blower’ to have had the courage and empathy to have spoken up.

I have found all of this deeply concerning for in a deeply Christian community such as there is in the Solomon Islands why is there so little empathy, compassion and concern for others as taught in the scriptures?

Individually, I know there are many that daily practice compassion and care in the Solomon Islands and I have often thanked them.

I do wonder though why it seems a great majority seemingly do little or nothing to concern themselves for the welfare and plight of others when custom, as well as Christian teaching, would otherwise have them do something.

I think if I was still in a position of some authority in the Solomon Islands, I would take my responsibility as a leader to have strong feelings of responsibility as being primary and especially important as a motivator for helping others.

Quote: “Corinthians 10:24 Try to do what is good for others, not just what is good for yourselves.”


Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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