Roads in Malaita deteriorated after heavy rain

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in Auki

ROADS in various parts of Malaita province have deteriorated after the weeklong heavy rains recently experienced.

Mr Clyde Maelifo’oa from Ratefasu village told this paper that the condition of the roads is of serious concern to the travelling public.

He said like other roads connecting the province to Auki, south-road leading to West Kwaio and West Are’are is one that is badly affected by the recent bad weather.

“If you happen to go on the south-road from Auki you’ll experience bad road condition just outside of Auki town.

“Some parts along the road people have to get from the truck and push the truck where it can’t make it through piles of muds on the road.

“The roads were covered with mud and pot-holes everywhere making the road more worsen,” Maelifo’oa said.

Adding that the current status of the road is indeed an area of great concern and responsible authorities must do something about it.

He said with the current poor condition of the roads in the province it really affects individuals, business houses and especially farmers who often bring their markets to Auki.

Maelifo’oa said not only that, but as Kilu’ufi hospital in Auki saves almost everyone in the province, sick people are also affected when going to Auki for medical assistance.

However, he said road in the province is an ongoing concern for the people in Malaita and not only this rain that made the road to become an agenda.

“Actually this recent bad weather puts the road in a more severe condition, but problem face with road in Malaita province is an ongoing issue,” Maelifo’oa said.

Maelifo’oa has called on both the province and national government through their responsible ministries to work towards addressing the issue in the province.