Elementally carbon and nitrogen

Covalently bonded together dangerously

On their own backbone of life and living

Twisted by the developmental mafia

To benefit themselves and their 33′ masters


The middle men eating up the natives

Just like these buses eating us up…

Turning whenever wherever to fill themselves

Down in the latrine all day long

As the music of craziness in the songs


The last research and the scientists

Were the tools and the masters of manipulations

Depending on who pays their salaries

Twisting and collating data to verify their hypothesis

It’s another way of removing the useless eaters


That’s what the globalists are preaching

All Sundays on the pulpits

One World Government under the UN

Under the constitution drafted by Suzuki

To eliminate demarcation of nationhood


With two types of citizenry

The masters and the slaves

The education system is now modified

That we’ll end up with all citizen that complies

With no inquiring mind; dung can be food…


The noodles, the refine starch and the GMOs

Are the weapons to destroy the mass

Even the vaccines are tools of uniformity

Adjusting varied genetic information

Into tools of manipulation that all citizens stops talking of equality


The DCCG and the SIDCCG are the same

Elephant implementing the same approach

In the name of MDGs now SDGs

Trying to achieve what UK took to gain

In millions of years


Even now there are toilets yet

To be constructed in the middle of London…

For the homeless poor….


It’s happening in the streets of Honiara…


Stalin Fiualakwa


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