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Food outlets operating without proper monitoring, increasing cases of complaints


THE health risks associated with eating in one of the many food outlets in Honiara continues unchecked as the Government places little effort towards bolstering monitoring mechanisms.

This is despite efforts last year to enhance monitoring of food outlets when around 90 percent of food outlets in the city were slammed with closure notices for failing to comply with the country’s Pure Food Act.

This follows a ‘Food Hygiene and Safety Inspection Operation’ carried out by the Environmental Health Division, Honiara City Council and National Environment Health Division, Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

This time around, the Honiara City Council one of the partners in this initiative claims that limited resources is preventing them from properly monitoring food outlets in the city.

HCC Chief Health Inspector told Island Sun last week that there are only two hygiene inspectors covering the whole city.

Mr Titiulu pleads to the council and vested stakeholders to assist in this area.

“Imagine only these two staff to monitor all kaibars, restaurants, shops and water outlets in the city.

“Its difficult work to do and very demanding when other areas to support their work is also lacking.”

He further added that weak logistics support adds to his office’s burdens, also saying that these limitations pave way for public criticism.

Despite, this the Inspector maintains that they are improvising every day to provide their service to the best they can.

Relating to this issue, the paper is aware of several localised complaints of adverse health reactions by several consumers to food eaten at eateries around Honiara.

One case was reportedly presented to the clinic with severe blisters and sores around her mouth and difficulty in breathing, which is claimed to have been sustained after eating fish and chips from one eatery in town.

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