RIPEL operating illegal in CIP: Premier Manetiva

Premier of Central Islands Province, Stanley Manetiva
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CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government and Administration deem RUSSELL Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) operating in the province as ‘illegal’.

Premier Hon Stanley Manetiva said RIPEL fails to pay its Business License in the province as attempt for them pay fail ‘miserably’.

Mr Manetiva said RIPEL has too many arrears to pay, and only lame excuses have been received from its Directors when requested.

On that, the Premier of CIP is questioning the current status and establishment of RIPEL in CIP as despite the Treasury Division of the province giving ‘debit note’ twice has not received response.

“RIPEL fails to pay business license and is operating illegal in the province,” said Manetiva.

“Attempt made for business license has failed miserably so we see RIPEL operating illegal in CIP.

“RIPEL has too many arrears to be paid, and so far, the RIPEL Directors have only given lame excuses.

“I really question the current status and establishment of RIPEL. The Treasury Division of the province gave debit notice to them twice, but no response.”

Island Sun is still following up on this issue as several attempts for comment from RIPEL Directors yesterday were not possible before this paper went for print.