Rights vs responsibility

SINU Acting Pro Vice Chancellor Basil Marasinghe.
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SINU vice chancellor hits back at allegations of rights abuse


SINU’S Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Marasinghe has spoken out against condemnation that the institution is suppressing students from exercising their rights.

This matter stems from the recent student strike which was spearheaded by SINU’s student body, SINUSA, early last month.

SINU had reacted by terminating eight students who purportedly played active roles in the strike.

Now students are saying SINU has ‘suppressed students from exercising their rights’.

Marasinghe, as Acting Pro Vice Chancellor for the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), says that students do have their rights, but students also have the onus to exercise their rights responsibly.

He explained that forcing other students to go on strike or to sign a petition, as was allegedly done by the masterminds behind the strike, also denies other students’ freedom of choice.

“Institution is governed under set of relations, and there is students’ handbook in place which explicitly spells out disciplinary penalties in the event strike and boycott of classes are called out,” Marasinghe said.

He also says SINU management disputes allegations by some students that there is something wrong with the institution’s administration or leadership capability.

Marasinghe explained that SINU management is doing all it can within its means to support students’ welfare, and that the progress of work is according to the funds available.

“We have so many plans to support students’ welfare activities such as building student centre, sports and recreation facilities, improvement in library facilities and construction of additional classrooms,” Marasinghe said.