Closing time at Central Market is the same


THE closing time for Honiara Central Market is the same – at 6pm, according to Honiara City Council’s (HCC) Market Master.

Market Master Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga clarified this following concerns.

According to report, the by-law for Central Market to close at 6pm recently has been lifted to 8pm.

This raises concern that the by-law lifted will be inconsistent to the by-law for closing at 6pm that was only passed recently.

However Riunga confirmed that the by-law at Honiara Central Market to close during 6pm remainS the same. Honiara Central Market opens at 6am and closes at 6pm.

“6pm is what is in the ordinance and it is the time for business houses and markets to close. We Officers are activating the ordinance,” said Riunga.

He said all the entry gates from the western side of the market will be closed at 6pm and only the gates on the eastern side of the market will open until 7pm to allow vehicles and the people to move out.

The HCC Market Master elaborated that it is only recently they activated the ordinance after the market gates were maintained after having faced breakdown for some time.

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