Retired police officer faces ruling


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Augustine Aulanga will deliver his judgment on March 15 on the case of a retired police officer.

Yesterday prosecution and defence lawyers made their closing submission and the presiding magistrate adjourned the case to March 15 for judgment.

The former officer is facing one count of indecent act in relation to an incident in 2018 at Lata Temotu province and one count of traffic related offence.

This is the case of Lily Dagi whom the prosecution alleged that on October 12 2018 at Luesalemba School during the school Graduation ceremony, indecently assaulted a man while the victim was asleep.

The allegation said the accused was drinking alcohol with the complainant and others on that said date and later that day between 7pm – 8pm, the victim was too drunk and was lying on his back facing up at one of his wantoks.

The accused upon seeing the complainant falling asleep, got up, moved to where the complainant was lying lifted her skirt and sat down ontop of the complainant’s private part and gyrated her buttock. While doing the act, she was then approached by someone and they pulled her out from the complainant.

Helen Naqu of the Office of the Director Public Prosecution’s office appears for the crown and Stanley Aupai of the Public Solicitor’s office represents the accused in court.

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