Retired officers still in police houses a concern

THERE has been complaints raised that some retired police officers are still residing in police houses, a cause of frustration to current serving officers without accommodation.

One such frustrated officer, who is still without accommodation, said some officers who have retired as far back as 2015 and even before that are still occupying police houses – not bothering to leave, and blocking living space for serving officers.

The officer who requests anonymity said it is frustrating that this injustice is allowed to continue under the watch of a knowing management.

The officer calls on the responsible people within the RSIPF to quickly deal with these retired occupants as they are denying the rights of serving officers who are in need of accommodation.

The officer said if their benefits are not settled then RSIPF management should settle their issues and ask them to leave the houses.

“Retired officers should leave police houses in timely manner rather occupying and continue creating problem to serving officers who are struggling to be accommodated,” the officer said.

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