Enforcers demolish Rove market stalls


 HONIARA City Council (HCC) Law Enforcers yesterday demolished betel nut market stalls at Rove.

The demolition came about after a notice issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for the removal of these stalls so that local contractors can be able to do their job.

Roadworks in the western side of the city was supposed to start from HCC roundabout in Central Honiara to White River in the western side of Honiara.

The demolition notice issued on June 6, 2018 highlighted that the road at Rove is currently disturbed with potholes due to no proper drainage outlet to the sea to contain the waste/storm water runoffs during heavy rain.

The notice said that the contractor cannot address the drainage problem until appropriate measures are taken to improve the drainage system.

The notice also said that consent was given by FTE holders of the said property for the drainage work at Rove seaside.

However the demolition yesterday was said to put up a protest from another person who also claimed title to the said land at Rove where the demolition exercise took place.

He claimed that there was no consent given by him for the removal of the market stalls on his property.

More than 50 vendors were understood to have been removed as part of the demolition exercise.

HCC on the other hand stood its ground on the powers vested upon them through the HCC laws to carry out such exercise.

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