Request for authorities to investigate said ‘allowances’


SOLOMON Islands Students Association in Philippines (SISAP) request for the Ministry of Education and responsible authorities to investigate said allowance payments that they deny receiving.

The Ministry of Education through the National Training Unit (NTU) last week clarifying report claiming students were starving because their allowances have not been paid went on with the lead that ‘government sponsored students studying in Philippines have had their August allowances processed last month’.

From the media report, SISAP students deny it saying it is a lie on which they request responsible authorities to investigate said payments starting in June and July this year because they do not know about the payments.

“Overall, we have not received these payments that NTU is saying in the media, we only received our first semester allowances, however, it came in late as well (4 months late). But for the second semester, true, nothing is paid in till now, we don’t know when,” say SISAP students.

Currently, it is reported that SISAP students having still waiting for their semester two allowances are facing problems with rentals, water and electricity bills and Visas expiring.

More than 330 SISAP students are estimated to be still waiting for allowances.

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