Motion looms for Suidani  

Premier maintains confidence in overcoming challenge




A motion of no confidence is reportedly looming over Premier Suidani’s two-month old government, it is reported.

But, the new helmsman of Malaita province says he is not swayed by such reports, and welcomes the challenge.

In a statement, Suidani says their attention now is focusing on serving the province as mandatory duty any government of the day is charged with.

The Malaita provincial government also believes it is not the time for political rivalry, “but to put hands together to serve the people and province of Malaita”.

The statement said the government is just two months old and they are positive as the government of the day to do their best for Malaita province.

It reiterates the provincial government believes in togetherness and working together as the only way to lead the province forward.

Suidani’s government has 18 MPAs with 16 MPAs on ministerial portfolios, one MPA backbencher and the premier.

The statement said the recent sworn-in of MPA for ward 26, Alick Junior Ofo’Ofo on Friday last week added to the previous 17 MPAs they have on the government side.

The statement also claims that while they have an 18-man strong side, they are also expecting two more who will be switching from the non-executive side soon.

It has been proposed that the inclusion of these two MPAs will be to replace two MPAs on the government bench on ministerial portfolios.

The statement said two ministers have voluntarily offered to take up back-bencher posts due to medical reasons.

This, if true, would mean Suidani will enjoy a 20-member government.

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