Repatriation for students in Philippines approved

Solomon Airlines airbus
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CABINET has approved the repatriation of 340 students studying at various institutions in Philippines for their safety.

The number of coronavirus cases in Philippines is 130,000 with an average of 5000 cases daily.

This indicates that community transmission in Philippines is quite high and poses high risk for the students.

Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Education and Human Resources (MEHRD) and Chairman of MEHRD COVID-19 Communication Oversight Committee James Bosamata said following approval from the Cabinet the Scholarship Division within the MEHRD and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have established a Taskforce to properly organise the repatriation.

He said there are 340 students both government sponsored and private sponsored studying in Philippines but before they are repatriated the Taskforce needs to obtain detailed information for example where they reside, their address and how they accommodate.

He said the Taskforce has been working closely with authorities in Philippines and Student Body to provide that information.

He said once they obtain all the information, they need they will provide it to the Office of the Prime Minister and then talk with Solomon Airlines and other authorities so that the repatriation is done properly.

“This is important because we don’t want to bring our students and suddenly take a case here.

“We will do our best to organize the repatriation in way to protect our country,” he said.

He explains all students including those graduated and continuing students will be repatriated.

He said for continuing students they will have to defer their study for next year.