Photo - Former City Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Supplied
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Executive defends decision to employ sacked HCC clerk


THE controversial newly-installed Rennell and Bellona Executive has defended their decision to appoint former Honiara City Council clerk, Rence Sore as a new political advisor/consultant.

This after a man from Renbel living in Australia, Duran Angiki, questioned the decision by new premier Japheth Tuhanuku, to recruit Sore, saying.

Angiki said the recruitment of Sore, who was sacked over his many alleged corrupt dealings while with HCC, is a disgrace to the people of Renbel.

“How low is the Premier and his Deputy, the former deposed Premier, Lance Tago, is preparing to drag our province down the gutter?” Angiki asked.

“Sore was sacked for allegedly stealing money and other corrupt dealings,” Angiki claimed.

“Why are we so blatant in our intentions?

“Are you thinking?” he asked.

“Our people and other Members of Provincial Assembly of the executive should speak up against it or else we are part of this scheme to perpetuate stealing and corrupting our dealings with the national government, logging and mining companies now operating in West/Rennell,” Angiki alleged.

However, Lence Tango, Deputy Premier and Minister of Works, Transport, Marine, Civil Aviation and Communication, said it was an executive decision to appoint Sore to develop the policy and translation document.

Tango said the Executive engaged Sore as a direct employee and will be responsible for paying his salary.

In addition, Tango claimed if Sore is a criminal, he should be spending time in jail.

“As far I know, he (Sore) won his case at HCC over all the allegations and Council still to pay him $2.7 million,” he said.

Therefore, Tango said if Angiki is so vocal, “I am very concern because he stays in Australia for 20 years.

“If he (Duran) is very concern, he should take him to court,” he added.

Island Sun understands Sore has already doing work for the new Executive after the members took their oaths this week.