New Renbel premier outlines govt’s plans

newly elected Premier Japhet Tuhanuku
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NEWLY appointed Premier of Rennell and Bellona Province, Japhet Tuhanuku has decided to concentrate on covid-19, budget and the affairs of his province.

This came after his five Executive members were sworn-in Honiara on Tuesday 8 February.

This happened following the controversial motion of no confidence against former Premier Willie Tuhagenga on 20 December 2021, at Moreno Rest House on Rennel.

Tuhagenga and his full Executive did not attend the meeting after he claimed it was illegal because Provincial Speaker, Lester Hackle Saomasi breached standing order 62 when he issued a notice for the meeting.

He claimed the Speaker should consult him first before allowing the meeting to go ahead.

However, the Speaker did not bow down to Tuhagenga’s advice and proceeded with the meeting, which resulted in Tuhanuku being elected by six members.

There are total of 10 Members of Provincial Assembly in Renbel Province.

Speaking after the swearing in, Tuhanuku said “Our priority now is to deal with the covid-19 and look at the redirection of Renbel affairs.

“We will also come up with a Policy statement and translation to be tabled in the Full Assembly next week to be approved and launch,” he said.

He said his Executive will also work with Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening and the Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme.

In addition, Tuhanuku said his Executive will revise the 2021 Budget 2022 before the financial year ends on March.

This is in preparation for the 2022 Budget 2023 to be tabled after the financial year.

Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Rolland Seleso has appointed Tuhanuku as Premier base on the power conferred to him by Section 20(4) of the Provincial Government Act 1997.

Lence Tagosia is the Deputy Premier and Minister of Works, Transport, Marine, Civil Aviation and Communication.

Eric Saueha Tagaibasa is the Minister of Finance, Treasury, Economic Planning & Commence.

George Tango as Minister for Education, Women, Youth, Children, Sports, Tourism and Culture.

Dory Tuhaika as Minister of Medical, Health, Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture.

Warren Tamaika as the Chairman of Caucus.

Four members are in the Non-Executive.