Renbel Premier calls for calm

Premier Collin Singamoana
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By Barnabas Manebona

Premier Collin Singamoana

THE Premier of the Rennell and Bellona province has called for ‘calm and cooperation with police’ from the people of Bellona following last week’s gruesome machete attack which has left one dead and four seriously injured.

Premier Collin Singamoana says the tragic incident has shocked people of Bellona and Rennell, and is regarded as ‘very rare’, with people on the island still trying to come to terms with what had happened.

“But most importantly, at this moment the case is with the police and immediate family members and relatives of the victims I urge you please do not take the law into your own hand and allow police to take it from here and let the law of our country take its course.”

Singamoana, on behalf of the Renbel provincial government, conveys his condolences to the families and relatives of the victims.

According to police media, the attack took place on Friday last week, and has left one young girl dead and four others seriously injured.

The injured victims have been flown by chopper to Honiara and are now receiving treatment thanks to joint operation between the RSIPF and the Australian Defence.

The accused is also in police custody, and police have assured that they are dealing with the case.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner (AC), Provincial, Chief Superintendent Evelyn Thugea says, “I appeal to relatives of the deceased and injured persons not to take the law into their own hands but assist our investigators with information that will help with the investigation.”

A team of police investigators from Honiara are now on Bellona to investigate the fatal incident.