Cross-border causes registration havoc in Malaita province


HAVOC has recently been experienced in West Fataleka, Malaita province in the current biometric voter’s registration due to cross border registration.

This is following an obstruction to number of people who reported to be blocked from taking part in the registration in various polling stations in West Fataleka.

Auki police has confirmed the situation, as Auki police provided supports to curb the situation.

Supervising PPC Malaita, Superintendent Lesley Kili told SunAuki yesterday that the incident recently happened in West Fataleka.

“The incident came about as a result of cross borders, in which number of people from other constituencies came to register in West Fataleka.

“The people of West Fataleka blocked the people from taking part in the registration with minor havoc experienced, but later solved,” he said.

Kili said in response to the situation, Auki police deployed two officers to West Fataleka and the matter is currently under control as registration continues.

He said his officers will soon return and thanked the people of West Fataleka for understanding in addressing the matter and allowing registration to go-on.

Kili called on the people of West Fataleka that the registration process has an objection and omission period, in which this is the right to look at the issue of cross-border.

He said although what they did was right as they thought, allow the process to go on and wait for the objection and omission period to deal with the matter.

Kili on that note said the provincial police are at the upper-hand to mitigate any issue might rise with regards to the current registration in provincial wards and constituencies in the province.

He also said that this is the only report received so far from the registration in Malaita province, as the current registration will retires toward the end of next week.

Kili reiterated his gratefulness for the people of West Fataleka for working together with police to address the matter and allow the registration.

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