Quarantine graduation

A NERT officer at one of the quarnatine sites
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-105 repatriates released into society

-All negative, government says


YESTERDAY (15th Nov) 105 persons graduated from the Institutional Quarantine Facilities (IQF) after having completed their mandatory quarantine periods.

This was confirmed by the Acting Incident Controller Dr Gregory Jilini yesterday (15th Nov) during the Oversight Committee radio talkback show.

“Today we are graduating 105 of those who been quarantine from the quarantine stations after they have completed the duration of the quarantine period of prescribed in a regulation and also after the test have returned negative when detected.

“So, with those 105 that were released today leaves us with 86 yet still in quarantine and once they complete their quarantine period and testing requirement and tested negative on their tests according to the testing protocols they would be released and 16 still in isolation unit at the National Referral Hospital.

Dr Yogesh Choudri, technical advisor to Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), said all 105 persons went through four to five tests (4-5) tests and were all detected negative before released

“They have been tested negative 4-5 times this is to for us to ensure that there is no risk to the community. They are all clear and they are all negative,” said Choudri.

Secretary to Prime Minister and member of the oversight committee Dr Jimmy Rodgers said most of the people repatriated were tested negative over the period of 21 days before they flew into the country.

“This means as far we know all the released personnel are negative, no more risk.

“Those that are graduated as far we know   yes, they are free, they get their certificate which means they have been quarantined and now they are known not the threat to community,” said Rodgers.