Public servants end IPAM training

Continue- Public Servants IPAM participants achieving their IPAM course certificates. Below- National Statistics Officers who participate in the IPAM Training achieving their certificate.
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 The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) congratulates Public servants in various ministries including staff of the National Statistics Office (NSO) for participating in the IPAM workshops held earlier this year on February and March 2021.

IPAM on Wednesday 7th April held a graduation ceremony for the public servants.

 A total of 130 Public servants participated in IPAM workshops this year with four of them from the National Statistics Office who took part in the customer service and knowing about the public service trainings.

IPAM through the Ministry of the public Service has facilitated these workshops as a center for National productivity for the Public servants from various ministries in the country.

 The Training workshops offered are, Knowing your Public service, Customer Services, Microsoft power Point and PMP. These accredited trainings target the training needs of the public service and they are offered to enhance the skills and the competence of public officers in delivering public services and to encourage public officers build their career pathways.

Chairman of the Public Service Mr Milner Tozaka, in his speech to the participants, emphasised the importance of the training and the need for training.

 “Training is an important aspect of human resources development, an avenue as well as a tool that one can develop a particular skill or acquire a particular information to help oneself to do a particular thing”, he said.

 “And the need for such training in an IPAM workshop is for everyone irrespective of skills and qualification.

Front row- Center- Right- Chairman of the IPAM- Mr Milner Tozaka and center left- Director of IPAM Mr Solomon Manea, and all the Public servants who participated in the IPAM Training.
Leni Taisia receiving her certificate present by IPAM Director.

Mr Tozaka mentioned that training is essential as the working environment is changing; this helps increase the knowledge on a particular subject and increasing competency of employees in an organisation.

The participants expressed their appreciation.

 Florence Walekwate from NSO said attending the Customer service workshop broadened her knowledge on how to interact with customers when approaching customer or public through face to face or through answering a simple official phone call.

 “Customer service approaches is for all public servants and not only for receptionists.

Left to right- Florence Walekwate and right Esther Paraerae, Receiving their IPAM certificates on knowing your public service.

 It’s a very important character that public servants should know how to apply in daily official work”, she said.

 In addition, Norman Suunorua a participant from the Ministry of Commerce who attended the ‘knowing your Public Service’ training said it was an eye opener gaining knowledge from the course.

“Now I understand that all the line ministries have procedures under the Government law which bind them under the law of the country linked with the parliament.”