Public let’s peacefully await a new PM: RSIPF


ROYAL Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on the public to maintain normal business activities while the country heads towards next week’s election of a new prime minister.

The election for a new prime minister is set for Wednesday next week, and Honiara citizens are encouraged to stay calm and continue with their normal routine and allow politicians to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, police commends public for the peaceful period throughout the no-confidence motion to now.

Police will continue patrols for next week’s election and a high visibility operation on the election day.

RSIPF Commissioner Mr Mathew Varley said, “Police will not tolerate any anti-social behavior, any illegal activity or any threats of violence that would impact on the safety of our citizens or the safety of our politicians and derail the political process underway to elect a new prime minister.”

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