Locals call for removal of MV Tomisi from port


CONCERNED locals are calling for the removal of MV Tomisi, a ship which has been anchored just off Yandina port for more than a year.

A concerned woman from Russell Islands, Central province, Ms Rosemary Fagi, calls on whoever owns MV Tomisi to remove it before it causes any damage to the surrounding environment.

The ship was last known to be offloading copra at the port before settling in for its yearlong anchorage.

Locals are not aware of any arrangement for the ship’s presence.

Speaking to Island Sun yesterday, Fagi stresses that it is a serious matter for locals, who fear for their environment’s welfare.

“We call on the responsible shipping company and owner of MV Tomisi to quickly consider the matter and address it seriously because spilling of oil are now seen floating on the surface of the sea near Yandina wharf and slowly spread out by weave and current.

“The spilling of oil might cause wide range of impact in the marine environment and it can be portrayed as environmental disaster. Also might cause serious distress to the marine ecosystem and those of us that live near the contaminated coastline in regard of food supply.”

She said the ship’s position also hinders free ship movement into and out of port.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to locate the owner of the vessel, Island Sun found out from the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Association (SIMSA) the ship is not registered with SIMSA, and that ownership of the ship is a mystery.

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