Public advice on hygiene as diarrhoea cases soar

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PUBLIC are being strongly advised to continue practising health measures due to increasing number of diarrhoea cases recorded lately.

This call was made yesterday by the Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Pauline McNeil in a radio talkback show on covid-19 update.

“Rotavirus is common amongst the children under the age of five. Hence, we want to again reach out to public to strongly advise you to continue to practise some health measures especially on regular hand wash after toilet, when preparing food you have your hands cleaned with running water with soap and also continue to ensure you boil your drinking water and properly cover your foods,” McNeil said.

She called on parents who have children with an age range between 10 and 14 weeks to receive rotavirus vaccine from the nearest health facility to be inoculated.

McNeil said the rotavirus vaccine was launched last year.

She reiterated that the Ministry of Health and Medical Service last week gave out an advisory alert in relation to the increasing cases of diarrhoea which was reported in Gizo, Western Province, Good Samaritan Hospital, Lata hospital and National Referral Hospital.

McNeil said the cases are being closely monitored.

She said out of the cases, six deaths have occurred, five were reported in Gizo and one in Guadalcanal.

“With the report on behalf pf the ministry I want to convey our sympathy to parents and who have lost their children last week,” McNeil said.