Provincial women leaders learn more about TSM

By Georgina Kekea

WOMEN leader representatives in Malaita, Western, Guadalcanal and Honiara are currently attending a workshop to draft a submission for Temporary Special Measures in the Provincial Government Act (PGA) review process.

Ministry of Women Youth Children & Family Affairs (MWYCFA) in partnership with the Women’s Rights Action Movement (WRAM), a women non-government organisation (NGO) is facilitating the workshop for the invited women leaders to discuss on Temporary Special Measures in relation to the review of the Provincial Government Act (PGA).

The Auditor General’s Office (AGO) and Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) are key partners in this workshop.

The key purpose of the forum is to create an awareness on the TSM concept and to identify the challenges and obstacles that are hindering the implementation of the TSM, and also to look at opportunities to amend the Provincial Government Act through the review to add TSM in the PGA.

Provincial women leaders with PS MWYCFA & reps from UN Women, UNPBF, UNDP & SIG

The proposed amendment will be made through the combined submission of the women in this workshop.

MPGIS is presenting the PGA and areas proposed for review in the PGA and is also providing a platform for dialogue on some clauses in the Act.

For the first session yesterday, the women were made to understand the concept of TSM in the context of local level government as well as to learn more on the PGA and entry points for TSM. Yesterday, participants had been able to identify entry points for TSM in the legislation.

Today’s session is a crucial one as this is where the proposed amendment of the PGA is expected to be identified and submitted for the inclusion of the TSM policy.

The two-day workshop is being supported by UN Women, UNDP, United Nation Peacebuilding Fund and the provincial governments of Malaita, Western, Honiara and Guadalcanal including other stakeholders.

Women leaders attending workshop

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