Prosecution and defence tug at intimidation case


Does pulling out a bush knife, swearing and threatening someone qualify as having intent to intimidate or not?

Defence and prosecution wrangled over this in court, Tuesday.

Tony Aufanua is facing one count of intimidation in relation to an incident on June 18 this year.

His lawyer has submitted in court that prosecution has insufficient evidence to prove the charge.

Delilah Kukurah, of the Public Solicitor’s Office, says her client had no intention to intimidate the complainant.

She adds that it was only after the complainant had shouted at her client that he pulled out the bush knife.

However, police prosecutor Iete Tebakota maintains that Aufanua’s actions at the time of incident shows that he had intention to intimidate the complainant.

Tebakota said the court must consider issues that during the offending the defendant was holding a bush knife and use swearing words towards the victim, that caused fear on the victim.

Therefore, he submits that prosecution is certain that the defendant had caused fear on the victim and being intimidated by the actions and approaches of the defendant.

The defendant Aufanua is charged with one count of intimidation in relation to the incident that occurred on June 18, 2022.

Prosecution said the defendant did swore at the victim and then threatened the victim with a bush knife.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea after the submission was made adjourned the case to October 18 for judgment and bail for the defendant is extended to that date.

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