Pro-active steps for better leadership in health

Dr Jack Maebuta
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New Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic, Dr Jack Maebuta

A new programme to address health and management issues in the health sector was launched early this week.

The programme which is a post graduate certificate in leadership and management is the latest boost for healthcare services in the country.

A statement from World Health Organisation (WHO) says leadership in the health sector is set for a boost with 16 managers undertaking a new postgraduate certificate at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) School of Nursing.

Speaking at the launch programme, Pro Vice-Chancellor, SINU, Dr Jack Maebuta says a lot of time issues and complaints are raised in the media about the health sector.

He says what the University is trying to concentrate are other areas like leadership and management which are also important in the workplace.

He said this course will help improve leadership and management practices in the country, more so for this course in the health sector.

“The other strength of it is that, will also bring confidents as well as it will bring the capacity of our school leadership in terms of nursing and teaching leadership.”

At the same time, Under Secretary Health Care in the MHMS, Dr Gregory Jilini told Island Sun that this initiative also addresses the Government’s National Development Strategy in the health sector.

He says while the MHMS has no direct involvement with the Parliament Special Select Committee currently carrying out consultations into Health Care Services in the country, the MHMS is happy to be proactive in its work to ensure people in the rural areas receive good health care services.

Jilini says leadership and management is a big topic now and public often complain about management not doing their job when services provided are poorly received.

“In the health sector it is mainly clinical job but we feel that management and leadership are an important part of their job as well.

“What we are doing is providing managers and those in leadership positions to have a formal training so that they can be able to carry out their work better.”

Jilini said this course will enhance the participants’ skills which on the outset will also benefit those that they come into contact with at the workplace.

The health sector currently has around 3000 staff and is the second biggest ministry in the country.

The programme is supported by the Korean International Cooperation Agency, the Korean Government and the World Health Organisation.

It is delivered by Australian organisation Human Resources for Development Alliance, in partnership with the Solomon Islands National University.

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