Private clinic offers health care for elderly


ELDERLY people of Guadalcanal Plains do not have to worry about having to travel to a clinic anymore thanks to Sape Private Medical Clinic which is bringing the services to their doorsteps.

Director and owner, Dr Paulson Bosawai Popora of Sape village in North Guadalcanal stated that they provide high quality medical services and free community services for the much older group of people and those with special needs.

He stressed that they have taken up a specialty called “Geriatric Medicine” which focusses on the health care of elderly people.

On that note, Mr Popora explained that the medical centre aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.

“This includes visiting older and special needs to their homes to provide health care. The team understands that geriatric medicine is complex in its approach, but we would want to start making a difference for the lives of our older people who cannot physically be present to our clinic,” he said

Popora explained that the objectives of providing this service is to enrich their older people with high quality health and well-being, bring their quality health care practice to the doorsteps of the older adults and special needs, to create a medical practice that will exceed older patients expectations, to provide high quality health care to elderly adults around Guadalcanal Plains and Solomon Islands and lastly to create a wider health care for the older people as part of the clinic community service.

He furthers that the approach they taken in this service includes collecting names and locations of older adults, visiting communities once a month and hosting health talks followed by visits on Sundays.

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