Makira-Ulawa to boost its production sector



THE Makira Ulawa Provincial Government is working towards the interest of establishing growing the province’s production sector.

Premier Stanley Siapu said his government has set up a taskforce to work closely with landowners and land trustees to carry out scoping and prefeasibility on areas to be pursued under the interest.

He said the targeted areas include agriculture (which looks at livestock and coconut rehabilitation), forestry, fisheries and tourism and culture.

“The focus is on former coconut plantations which are registered and entrusted to some landowners, communities and the Commissioner of Lands.

“MPUG sees the opportunity and potential in reviving and rehabilitating these old coconut plantations for replanting.

“The rationale is coconut industry is decreasing in productivity due to aging and decline in coconut trees.

“And there has never been any major new planting or replanting of coconuts in old, new and current coconut plantations,” Mr Siapu said.

He added that under the initiative his government is also working on reviving the cattle industry.

“We will also explore the possibility of tethering to ensure families participate as well in the cattle industry with one or two heads of cattle tethered,” Siapu said.

He said his government will also explore the idea of offering land for a research station or demonstration farm, as there is no national research station or demonstration farm in place in the country.

Adding that his government will work with landowners to revive the onion farm at Hauratarata, Marou Bay in West Makira.

He said another area they will pursue is the idea of establishing tourist resorts in some of the potential areas within the province.

“The potential to promote tourism in our province lies in traditional, culture and custom and wild life as well as potential avenues yet to be tapped,” he said.

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