Principal warns of wrong use of mobile phones and bad companies


Parents have been strongly warned on the wrong use of mobile phone by school children which may destroy their interest in studies.

School Principal James Mepobu of Marara Community High School highlighted this during his speech at the school’s annual graduation and prize giving ceremony this week.

“Parents and guardians, please encourage your children to be more responsible for their own learning.

“Beware of the wrong use of mobile phones and bad companions.

“It may destroy their interest for studies.” Mepobu said.

In terms of staff housing  Mepobu said the school needs to build 24 staff houses.

He added that Whilst the minority of teachers have been accommodated at the school, most teachers have resided in their own homes at Honiara city.

He further stated that it is a pity that they have to travel in and out of the school by public vehicles.

He added that it contributes to their lateness due to transport difficulties.  

As such he said this may affect the low academic performance of the students over the years.

“I therefore, appeal to every stake holder to assist the school to build staff houses to rectify the acute shortage of staff houses.

On transportation, Mepobu said  whilst the minority of students have their own vehicle to travel to and from the school, the multitude have difficulties with transportation.

He added that it is a pity that most vehicle owners refuse to pick up the students due to low fares.

“This has forced them to miss lessons and become discouraged.  It causes them to withdraw voluntarily. In addition, it decreases their interests and academic performances over the years. I therefore appeal to vehicle owners to help the students coming in and going out of the school.

“The school is placing its trust upon the Member of Parliament for North West Guadalcanal constituency to consider providing a motor vehicle for these young constituents.” Mepobu said.

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