Prepare for USAID Scale programme: Suidani

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani.
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PREMIER of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani has reiterated his call to Malaitans for positive engagement in light of the USAID scale programme.

He reiterates the call, which he had made few times in recent weeks, as consultation now progresses between USAID, MPG and implementing partners of the programme.

In a statement from the province’s policy advisory body (PARU), Suidani urged resource owners in the province and people at large to prepare to participate in the USAID scale Programme.

He said his MARA government had made strong emphasis on a paradigm shift to development to one that puts strong emphasis on restorative economy.

Suidani said restorative economy was a notion adopted by Malaita Provincial executive, of economic activity that rebuilds natural, social and cultural intactness, resilience and vitality.

Adding that the central idea is that sustainability is a sufficient target only in the absence of massive structural destruction of ecological and sociocultural systems.

He said given decades of destruction and diminishment, restoration and rebuilding needs to be the higher-order goal of economic activity in Malaita province.

Suidani said the importance of this restorative economy is the call for Malaitans to restore their relationships both vertically and horizontally aiming at revitalising those long lost survival principles of living and caring for each other.

“I would like to call on you my good people of Malaita province that this is an opportunity we must approach with openness, togetherness and with the attitude of genuineness in dealing with each other,” he said.

Appealing on all tribes, communities and landowning groups to get organise and resolve issues that would stand in the way to stop them from progressing development in their communities under scale programme. 

“This is the time for us to progress together and nothing else,” Suidani said.

He said it’s important for individuals to share something positive amongst communities in the province like on development models and approaches that are successful in ones communities.

PARU encourages Malaitans and interested people to visit their office at the provincial office in Auki to share successful stories with the office. Information sharing is the key to positive development.