Kakamora tops Group B

Shields suffer second defeat

By Taromane Martin

MAKIRA Ulawa Kakamora moves top of Group B following a 3-0 win over Isabel Frigates in Day 6 of the 2020 Solomon Cup.

Three second half goals from Philip Polancos, Andrew Hanua and Climson Mauto were enough to secure all three points for the George Fafale coached side yesterday against a determined Frigates side.

Despite the loss Frigates Head Coach Gideon Omokirio was pleased with his boy’s performance saying their remaining fixture against Central Shield is a must win game.

“Thank you to the boys for their performance today.  Despite the result I’m pleased with the way they played today,”Omokirio said.

“For me the part I was disappointed with was that we failed to make use of our chances today. If we had finished off our chances, I believe we would have won the game.

“But congratulations to Kakamora. They worked really hard and definitely gave us a good game. They finished off their chances which boosted their performance towards the end.

“Despite the result, my boys played much stronger than against Renbel which I’m very happy with,” Coach Omokirio said.

With one game remaining for Frigates, Omokirio says pressure is mounting for his side but vows to bounce back to keep their title hopes alive.

“Against Central it’s a must win game for us. Pressure is mounting for us so that game is a must win for us.

“We will improve and make sure we learn from our mistakes today, especially our finishing.  If we collect all three points then we’ll have seven points and then will see what the results from the other games in the group will be like ” he said.

Now with six points and top of Group B, Kakamora Head Coach George Fafale says though his side were not secure in their performance, their tactical game definitely helped them with their win yesterday.

“Our tactical game I think helped us win the game in the last 20 minutes.  I had to encourage the boys in the second half because most of the boys this is a new scene and atmosphere for them.

“But thank you to the boys for giving their very best, which I did not expect from them,” he said.

With two games to go Coach Fafale says they will take their preparation step by step as they look to qualify for the semifinals.

“We’ll have a short time to recover. We’ll take it step by step for our last two remaining matches. We respect our opponents. However, we’ll play to the best of our abilities in those two games, ” Fafale said.

Standings for Group B after Day 6 of competition yesterday sees Makira Ulawa Kakamora with six points, Renbel Ibis with four points, Isabel Frigates with four points, Honiara Warriors with three points, while Central Shields are still without a point following their second loss in the competition to ibis yesterday.

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