PRC Govt and her companies committed to help provincial health centres

Ivan Ghemu, PS Pauline McNeil, PRC Counsellor Yao Ming, Minister Dickson Mua and rep of China Harbour with the medical equiments.
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CHINESE Government together with her companies are committed to beef up the provincial health facilities in the provinces to cope with potential influx of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Counsellor Yao Ming, Deputy Head of Mission of the PRC Embassy in Solomon Islands stated this in a press conference after handing over of medical equipment to Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Honiara yesterday.

China Harbour Engineering (SI) Company donated 10,000 daily protective masks, packed in 4 cartons, 100 N95 masks and 500 gloves packed in 1 carton (not for medical use) to Ministry of Health and Medical Services for fighting against the entry and spread of the COVID-19.

Yao said he had visited health clinics in the provinces and saw people in the communities living in humble conditions.

He said the PRC government with her companies are committed to bolster their provincials’ health care facilities and improve the clinics to prepare for the COVID-19.

However, Yao said Solomon Islands is so fortunate to remain a COVID-19 free nation until today.

“We strongly believe and hope with support of international development partners including China, Solomon Islands Government will prevail over COVID-19 and has a safe and secure environment for its citizens and foreigners here,” he added.

In addition, Yao has defended the China medical suppliers which some people claimed were defects around the world.

He said China has supplied medical supplies to more than 150 countries including United States of America, Australia and Europeans.

“Most of all, these countries have expressed their appreciation for receiving Chinese PPEs.

“In some cases, some concerns were raised on the quality of Chinese made medical supplies, but I can assure you because all these countries have raised concerns because of some misunderstanding and misinformation base on different types for different purpose for usage, so it easy to cause misinformation,” he added.

Furthermore, Yao said ships carrying medical supplies to Solomon Islands have low chance to spread the virus because it takes two weeks of voyage.

He said coronavirus can survive for more than nine days on the surface.

As such, he said it is unlikely for the virus to invade Solomon Islands.

Ivan Ghemu, Director Planning and Policy in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, said the Ministry needs the PPEs as part of its preparedness and response to supply provinces health centres.

“We don’t make these products and not everything is 100 percent perfect.

“But it is also true that we need to get medical supplies from integrity bodies,” he added.