The potential of coconut water as an export product for the Solomon Islands

DEAR EDITOR, an article in yesterday’s Island Sun newspaper revealed the news that coconut water is in high demand in the global markets because of its many health benefits.

Figures were quoted in the article showing how exporting countries like the Philippines and Brazil had seen coconut water sales increase each year with exports from the Philippines, in particular, peak in 2015 at 61 million litres.

The article explained that coconut water contains essential protein, amino acid, sugar, vitamins, biological growth factors and enzymes promoting anti-ageing healthy cell growth and rehydration properties.

I previously wrote to the local media about the potential for coconut water exports from the Solomon Islands and was pleased to see, for the first time since I wrote my article, a comment from the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Jimmi Saela, endorsing much of what I had previously said about the export potential for the Solomon Islands in producing quality coconut water for the global markets that value the product highly.

I drink coconut water every day and can vouch for the fact that here in Thailand the product quickly goes from the supermarket shelves almost overnight.

Since I now know coconut water has anti-ageing properties, I will buy more bulk supplies to stay healthy for a few more years!

Yours sincerely


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