Poor oral care high in Marovo

By Mike Puia


POOR oral care is high in Marovo lagoon in the Western province. This is according to the Chief Dental Therapist at Gizo Hospital, Michael Piasi.

Piasi told Island Sun Gizo that in some of the villages his department visited in the Marovo lagoon, they received about 100 patients in one day.

He said his department has been visiting communities in the lagoon to help relieve pain suffered by villagers who have tooth problems.

Piasi said based on data, the lagoon has recorded high cases of teeth problem.

He said many people in villages in the lagoon resort to relieving the pain they experience with their teeth using leaves or Panadol.

He encourages villagers in the lagoon to have proper oral care to avoid them from suffering tooth pain and from having to foot the cost of getting to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

“Some people in communities had to pay about $600 to get to Gizo hospital to have their teeth removed, temporary refilled or replaced. This is very expensive,” Piasi said.

He said the cheapest way is practise good oral care.

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