Police to deal with man posting lies about COVID-19 on FB


ACTING Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau has confirmed that police will deal with people or individuals who spread false information about COVID-19 case on social media.

He said so far police have received one complaint and police are investigating the case, once all evidence is gathered the individual will be called for an interview.

Mangau said only the Ministry of Health and Medical Services are to give out information about the cases of coronavirus and not individuals.

Mr Mangau said spreading false information will cause panic and fear among the public.

Because COVID-19 is a concern to all people as it is a deadly virus that causes death to countries that affected and spreading false information will cause public disturbances, Mr Mangau said.

He said people spreading false information will be charged under section 63 of the penal code and also police will seek further advice from the office of the Director Public Prosecution on such incident.

This is regarding a post on social media where a man posted that the country has positive cases of COVID-19 which is not true.

Therefore, Mr Mangau called on the social media users to stop and refrain from posting something not true.

“If you are not really sure consult the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for proper information”, Mr Mangau adds.

Police also has a working group as part of their preparedness and response towards COVID-19.

Mr Mangau said the working group will be working together with other stakeholders in providing support and assistance and will continue to maintain law and order in the country.

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