Police reminder on illegal sale of alcohol

Police patrol
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POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau is calling on individuals and the public to always do the right thing and refrain from illegally selling alcohol.

Mangau said during the Easter operation one of their main target is to re-enforce the law and the illegal sale of alcohol will also be targeted during their operation.

He said people need to obtain proper licenses before they could sell alcohol, and calls on the public and communities to support police stop those illegal activities happening inside their societies.

Mangau said police cannot do policing alone without public support.

He said there must be a report from the public before police can obtain an order or search warrant to search the spots where some individuals are using to sell alcohol.

When questioned as to why police are not going undercover to trap those selling alcohol, Mangau said police will not resort to that idea.

Mangau explained that on one occasion police have been doing that, trying to trap those involved in the illegal sale of alcohol, but when the case came before the court, it was thrown out as police officers are not supposed to trap people into trouble.

Therefore, the police needs the public to support them in providing information before they could obtain proper warrants to search those people involved in such illegal activity.

This paper understands that the Bahai area and behind the bulk shop near the Church of Melanesia premises at Point Cruz, are some of the spots people use to do those activities.